Clear+ Clarify Facial (60 minutes)

This deeply clarifying facial is ideal for younger clients experiencing hormonal congestion or breakouts as well as mature clients with adult breakout concerns. Created to achieve results, this treatment can be performed manually or boosted with electrotherapy


Skin type/condition: Congested oily skin Skin with comedones Breakout prone skin


An effective deep cleansing facial treatment targeted at those experiencing oiliness, congestion and breakouts. Professional formulations are customised to treat the skin with positive and noticeable results by offering deeply purifying clarifying properties, fighting congestion and breakouts from the inside out. 

Target+ Resurface (30 minutes)

This age defying resurfacing treatment reveals smooth fresh skin in minutes. Powerful professional exfoliants combine with ultrasonic technology for a renewed complexion and visible brightness.


Skin type/condition: Ageing, rough or tired skin.


Defy the hands of time with this professional resurfacing treatment. Potent formulations and supreme technology work hand in hand to slough away dulling skin cells revealing a bright, youthful complexion. 

Target+ Decongest (30 minutes)

Decongest the skin with this advanced targeted treatment. Perfect for clients experiencing oiliness and congestion, this treatment immediately improves the skin for a fresh, clear complexion. Ideal in between hands on facials or as a skin boost before important events.


Skin type/condition: Oily, congested, comedonal skin.

Clear oiliness and congested skin with this targeted results focused treatment. Purifying botanicals and supreme technology clarify and decongest the skin for a fresh faced complexion. 

Target+ Glow (30 minutes)

This results driven treatment focusses on giving clients bright glowing, radiant skin. Using brightening botanicals combined with ultra sonic technology you can achieve impressive results in a fraction of the time. 


Skin type/condition: Dull, lackluster hyperpigmented skin.

Target+ Quench (30 minutes)

Re-hydrate your skin with this ultra hydrating advanced treatment. Hydrators are driven into the skin using ultrasonic technology leaving skin moist and dewy. Ideal for clients affected with dehydrated skin.


Skin type/condition: All skin types and conditions.


Quench thirsty skin with this ultra hydrating mini treatment. Supreme technology pushes hydrators into deeper skin layers for maximum moisture levels. Skin is left feeling hydrated, soft and supple. 

Target+ Soothe (30 minutes)

Soothe sensitive, reddened skin with this advanced treatment. Botanicals are infused into the skin with ultrasonic technology to calm and condition. Ideal as a targeted rescue treatment for times of redness flare ups or sensitivity.


Skin type/condition: Sensitive, reddened skin.


Soothe sensitive, reddened skin with this advanced treatment. Powerful oatmeal and botanicals are infused into the skin with ultrasonic technology to calm and condition for skin that feels relieved and rescued.